Don Does 30 Challenge


You pick and choose my twelve 30-day challenges for 2013-2014.



You pick my punishment if a challenge is not completed or if any of the rules are broken.



You pick if a reward is worthy of the monthly challenge once I complete all 30 days.

Don Does 30: Help Me Pick My Challenges

Hi, I’m Don P.

Then: October 25th, 2004

On my 21st birthday, I vowed to party and get drunk every single night for 365 days straight. I succeeded, and my revelry spawned my hilarious book, “From the Bottom of the Bottle.”

Now: October 25th, 2013

For my 30th birthday I have accepted an even bigger challenge… or more accurately, I should say challenges. Inspired by Matt Cutts (30 Day Challenge Blog) and Morgan Spurlock ("30 Days" TV series), for the next twelve months I will complete a different 30-day challenge each month.

"For the next twelve months I will complete a different 30-day challenge each month."

But I'll need your help. You decide each challenge that will be performed, what punishment is handed out if I break the rules of the challenge, and what reward I receive for every 30 days completed.


  • Step #1 - Think of a 30 Day Challenge. The challenges can be anything from taking something away (30 days with no sugar) to adding something to my routine (Read the Bible or the Qur’an in 30 days). Or whatever the hell you can think of that doesn't risk my life or employment, and is relatively attainable. (I'm sure some of you are looking for revenge and payback).
  • Step #2 - If someone has already posted your idea below, go ahead and "Like" it. The challenges with the most likes or posts will be the ones I attempt.
  • Step #3 - If your idea has not already been posted, then post it. Get others to "Like" your comment to increase the chances of your idea being on top.
  • Step #4 - For more information, check the FAQ page.
Prefer Twitter? Use #DonDoes30 to post challenges to the Twitter feed.



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