Hacking Using Only An Android Device

Written by Don P on . Posted in Challenge #4 (2015)

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dSploit Android App

Laptops are soooooo 2006! Smartphones/tablets are in; laptops are OUT! By bringing a laptop into a coffee shop and having the whole wireless network crash, you will stick out like a Hayden Christensen fan at a Star Wars convention.

But sitting across the room with your cellphone, making discrete thumb movements like you're texting, and you'll generally go unnoticed as the culprit. That's the beauty of using an Android device as your hacking tool! And, I guess, it can double as an actual phone, too.

The best part is probably the fact that this method is way more "point-and-click" as opposed to all the text commands we were throwing into a Linux terminal. It's so user friendly, my grandmother will be able to start moving around Russian satellites by the end of this video. Okay, maybe not.

What You Will Need

  • Android device(this MUST be Rooted)
  • Internet connection
  • BusyBox app (REQUIRED)
  • dSploit app and/or zAnti app

Android Hacking Phone

I cannot stress this enough: Your Android device MUST be rooted for these apps to work properly. Unfortunately, I can't give you a general tutorial showing you the steps needed to be taken since each device is going to be different. Just Google "how to root [insert your device here]". Most likely it will have you unlock the bootloader and flash a new ROM. Follow the steps EXACTLY how they're presented as failure to do so will completely brick your phone, making it worthless. Rooting a device should be free, but if you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, there are services that will do it for you for $30 or so. You may even find some rooted devices on eBay or Craigslist for cheap.

I forgot to mention this in the video, but you have to install BusyBox prior to install dSploit or zAnti. Now, let's get to the hack:


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