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DonDoes30 - Make Money Online

I've been told "making money online" is one of the hardest things to do on the Internet. It's right up there on the list between "watching 2 guys 1 cup while eating a chocolate soft-serve ice cream" and "getting your grandma to stop using Facebook as a search engine."

But why is this such a goddamn feat beyond belief despite having just about the entire world at your disposal as potential customers? How come you're not a millionaire? You're reading my site, obviously you have and know how to use the internet in some capacity. So now it's time to put those skills to work.

There are several ways to make money online, especially if you're willing to whore yourself out to some lonely gas station attendant who browses Craiglist looking for "his next piece of ass." But let's stick to legal ways of making money for this month, shall we?

The Plan

I'm still online so you can probably safely assume I have made some money in exchange for the hours and hours I put into maintaining my blog, researching for my posts, sending emails, resizing images, and, oh yeah, ALL THE FUCKING WRITING!

Truth be told, the compensation from my revenue streams — mainly advertising revenue and royalties from books sales — compared to the hours put into making this magic happen for you are akin to a blind child street beggar in Calcutta.

DonDoes30 - Beggars Will blog for food.

The plan I'm following can be found here: THE Fast Way to Make Money (The 30-Day Plan for Making $1000). That's right, the "plan" is to make $1,000 in 30 days. Will I fail? Yeah, probably, but what the hell? Why not try? What do I have to lose?

Speaking of which, I will be tracking my income and expenses for this project in real time, because that site didn't say "make $1,000 in profit", I may end up losing money if I spend $2k and only make $1k. Keep following along!


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