Build a Better Blog: Day 5 & 6 (About Page Audit and Email an Old Timer)

Written by Don P on . Posted in Challenge #1 (2015)

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About Me Page

Day 5: About Me Page Audit

I highly recommend you check out my "About Me" page before continuing this article. Careful, ladies. You might instantly start screaming in orgasm.

Maybe all that information is true; maybe it isn't. But the cold, hard truth: The about page is one of the key pages for any blog. This page is often used by new readers to read information about you and what your blog is based upon so they can make an informed decision whether they’ll continue reading or even subscribe to your blog.

As a result, it’s extremely important that you provide up-to-date, useful and well written information that conveys what you're all about. After taking a few minutes and conducting an audit of my own page, I realized I forgot to include that I'm the current reigning champion in Shinty-Hurling — not to be confused with what chimpanzees do at the zoo.

Take some time to do an audit of your About Page. What point are you trying to get across? How could you make it more clear or improve it?

Day 6: About Me Page Audit

Remember earlier this week when the task was to email a new reader? It’s not only the new readers that you should email, but old ones also.

Do you have readers that have been coming to your blog since you first threw some shit online? You know who they are. They’ve been commenting and contributing away to the point where they're writing off their contributions on their taxes as charity work.

This group of readers actually are a big part of making your blog what it is. Their comments add to your blog, their involvement brings a sense of community and makes it a more vibrant place, and their input adds to the knowledge base of your blog.

Funny Comment Yes, even this guy contributes in his own unique way.

Thanking them for sticking with you and adding some value to your blog would create a great impression and build the loyalty even further.


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