Day 24, 25, and 26: Search Engine Optimization, Go Shopping, and Link to A Competitor

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Let's power through some more! Have you ever heard of Google? Maybe, maybe not. They're a pretty popular search engine that does a couple of other cool things — no big deal, right?

Well, search engines are going to play an ENORMOUS part in traffic generation for your site as long as you follow some basics when it comes to the dreaded practice of "Search Engine Optimization."

SEO, as it's more commonly referred to, can be quite complex especially since Google changes its search algorithms at will, but if you stick to the basics below, you should rank pretty well when people are searching for your topics. This is a brief overview so if you don't understand the terms, please Google them (see what I did there).

  • Create a catchy title that accurately describes your post.
  • Use good anchor texts when internal linking.
  • Pick a few posts to do some analysis of your use of Keywords within the text.
  • Don't forget to use good keywords in images using the ALT tag.
  • Check the head tags in your posts for proper keyword usage.
  • Link posts you want to rank for in your sidebar.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of a very massive subject of which you should educated yourself on a lot more, but this tips should at least get your started to making your blog more visible for the search engines.

Go Shopping to Improve Your Blog

I Fucking Love Shopping

I don't mean go out and buy shit — unless you're getting me a Christmas gift. Go out today and observe other people shopping. This exercise is similar to using a magazine to improve your blog, with the core focus placed on looking for how companies and shops are marketing their stores and how their customers are reacting.

What are people doing? What are they buying? What signs or advertisements are they reading? What do those signs look like (color, font, layout)? The answers to all of these questions can have a huge impact on how you update your blogs layout or advertising banners.

Link to a Competitor

Just like last week, I'm using the term "competitor" lightly.

Here’s the task: Find some anchor text within a post that you can use to link up to at least one other blog in your niche. Most bloggers check their stats to see where inbound links are coming from. This will increase the visibly of your blog to other writers in your niche and hopefully receive a reciprocal link from their site. Win, win!


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