Build a Better Blog: Day 27, 28, and 29: Find a Sponsor, Write a Mission Statement, and Thank a Blogger Who Linked to You

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Sponsor Baby Advertisements

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have family in town this year and have been busy with them and this challenge that I still need to write quickly and get straight to the point. If you know anything about how dysfunctional my family truly is, you'll understand why I have to make this post quick before Grandma is walking down the road with a bottle of gin in hand.

Let's start with a blog sponsor (not to be confused with an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor). You might not be big enough to find sponsors, but even if you’re unsuccessful in finding one, you will hopefully learn a few things about finding sponsor in the future.

Getting a sponsor for your blog basically means selling advertising space directly to a person or company without going through an ad network like AdSense. This is a great way for you to cut out the middleman so you won’t have to share revenue with a company like Google!

It’s not always easy to land a sponsor, but it’s a skill that you'll want learn to maximize your income potential. There is a lot of information online on how to approach advertisers so you can display their ads. I would start with this old post on how to find advertisers and expand from there.

Write a Mission Statement

I will say that knowing why you’re blogging is really important because it will give you direction as well as a framework to review whether you’re being successful.

So what’s your blog’s Mission Statement? Why does your blog exist? Write one today. It doesn't have to be long or drawn out, but just a brief "elevator pitch" about your blog.

That's it for that topic!

Thank a Blogger Who Links to Your Site

Incoming links are gold when it comes to ranking in Google's search engine. Every link coming to your site is like a vote in Google’s eyes — get enough votes from the right sites and your blog will definitely increases in their search engine. The easiest way to find who is linking to you is a free (you have to sign up) tool through MajesticSEO.

Once you’ve found another blog or site that’s linked to you, send them an email to say thanks. You can also comment on their blog, but I find an email is a little more personal and often leads into a conversation and perhaps relationship.

Just remember to keep the email brief and simple — don’t pitch the blogger ideas. You can make some sort of a comment about their site or ask a simple question that relates to how they linked to you to show you’re engaging with them. If you intend to keep following their blog tell them and perhaps sign up for their email newsletter.

If the blogger responds, you might find that you can help them in some way or that you can work on something together. Don’t rush this. If nothing more happens than you saying thank you then you’ve lost nothing and made a little impression.


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