Day 2: AMC's The Killing - The Show You Should Be Watching

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The United States has gotten pretty damn good at ripping off TV shows from overseas, and AMC's The Killing — the American crime drama based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen — is no exception.

The series follows three different murder investigations by homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder spanning over four seasons. Like most detective dramas, those two broke the rules, threw out procedure, trampled on ethics, and railroaded colleagues to get whatever they needed to crack the case. They didn't just NOT give a fuck about authority. They didn't have any fucks to give. You cannot give fucks you don't have.

There is some good news and bad news. The bad news is the show (as of this article) has been canceled after its fourth season; The good news is all four seasons are currently available on Netflix. More information on that below.

Season 1 (2011)

The opening season covers the first two weeks of the murder investigation of local teenager Rosie Larsen. Three different storylines are intertwined: the actual police investigation into Rosie's murder, the Larsen family's attempts to deal with her death, and a political campaign scandal involving mayoral candidate Darren Richmond who becomes entangled in the case.

If you're hoping for a resolution to the case, you'll have to wait. Although we don't find out who the killer is this season, there is definitely one hell of a cliffhanger that will keep you saying, "Just one more episode."

Season 2 (2012)

Season two resumes the investigation into the murder right where season one left off. The rollercoaster then reveals deep secrets about the Larsen family as well as a possible conspiracy within the campaign race and the Seattle police department. Rosie Larsen's killer is revealed by the end of the season and the case is closed.

Don't be surprised if you shit your pants because the final twist during the last ten minutes of the show is comparable to early M. Night Shyamalan classics. Then he directed The Village, then Lady in the Water, then The Happening, and now everyone pretty much hates him.

Season 3 (2013)

A year goes by after Rosie Larsen's case was solved. Holder searches for a missing girl but inadvertently uncovers a string of murders that seem to be connected to a previous murder investigations belonging to Linden. Linden had quit being a detective after the Larsen case, but now must return to the career she had put behind.

AMC canceled The Killing in September 2013 after season three ended. However, Netflix announced it had picked up The Killing for a fourth and final season, which was great because the season three finale left a bigger cliffhanger than season one. This would have been the worst season cancellation without any character resolution since Journeyman. Seriously NBC, did that fucking guy ever make it home!?

Season 4 (2014)

The fourth season features Linden and Holder juggling the fallout of their actions from the season three finale while investigating the murder of a family whose only survivor is a member of a tight-lipped, all-boys military academy. The truncated season of six episodes keeps a perfect pace and, in my opinion, ends the series very well with a lot of resolution for the main characters... with a little bit of a cliffhanger, but not enough to warrant a fifth season.

Final Thoughts

I actually binge watched this show over the last few weeks and finished season four as soon as it was released on Netflix on August 1st. This is definitely an underrated show that, despite its slow pace at times, deserves to be watched and enjoyed. Each episode will have you changing your mind about who the real killer is and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final moments.


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