Day 14 & 15: Favorite Male and Female TV Characters

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(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes) - Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano ("The Sopranos")

Take the neurotic boss of a New Jersey crime family, his sadistic mother, pain in the ass wife, their dysfunctional children, his best friend named "Big Pussy" and put them together with a healthy helping of graphic violence, constant vulgarity, lots of tits (and I mean LOTS of tits), and what do you get? That's right, HBO's smash hit: The Sopranos.

There is so much written about The Sopranos on the internet, that there isn't going to be much I can tell you that you probably don't already know — especially when it comes to the defamatory ending.

Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini, is one of the most memorable characters in television history. Tony is your stereotypical Italian mobster, playing the part of both hero and villain who is also breaking down all the stereotypes (SPOILER: He's seeing a therapist). Do you think John Gotti or Lucky Luciano ever went to a shrink? Fuck no. But Tony did after having a few panic attacks.

How about the fact that he took his daughter to visit her new college, then killed a snitch recognized while he's there? Tony did it all and so much more. So how did I choose? Many of you probably figured I would pick Walter White from Breaking Bad due to the overwhelming number of Breaking Bad posts.

Hell, even Entertainment Weekly wrote a post a week ago comparing and contrasting the characters of Walter White and Tony Soprano. What Tony lacked in the Walter-White-intelligence arena, he made up for in street smarts and brute force. For me, the decision came down to this: Walter owns a car wash with his wife; Tony owns a fucking strip club. *Ding, ding, ding* We have a winner. - Liz Lemon

Liz Lemon ("30 Rock")

Throughout seven seasons, 30 Rock had proven itself to be a show that can mix high-brow and low-brow humor by simultaneously airing sketches about race relations and patriotism next to gags about Tracy Morgan dressed as Star Jones vomiting. And Liz Lemon, played by the exceptional Tina Fey, is there for it all.

Lemon is the creator and writer for the fictional sketch comedy show "The Girlie Show" or "TGS with Tracy Jordan." She's the heroine for every junk-food-eating, sweat-pants-lounging, sci-fi-loving, braces-wearing, female nerd everywhere.

As a liaison between the simpletons in the writers' room and the Ivy League upper echelon of the parent corporation, Lemon seamlessly brings the two colliding forces together with quick wit and diplomacy. So how did I choose?

You would probably be pretty hard-pressed to find anyone on the Internet who doesn't like the expertly written comedy 30 Rock. And it's even harder to find a show that is able to pack so many jokes and gags into just a few moments of dialogue. A character like Liz Lemon easily knocks every joke out of the park. There really aren't too many comediennes I can say the same about.


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