Day 19: Seinfeld (Best TV Show Cast)

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Most will argue that Friends was the best TV show cast to ever grace the small screen; however, I think I made it painfully obviously that I hate Friends.

Seinfeld, on the other hand, was the source of 50% of the one-liners uttered during the 1990's: "No soup for you," "Yada yada yada," "Master of your domain," etc. In fact, I would go so far as to say that 95% of my readers would admit to seeing every single episode, and the remaining 5% are lying, piece-of-shit testicle-ticklers that totally have seen all of them, too.

For being "a show about nothing," Seinfeld filled our broken lives with its hilariously selfish and pessimistic humor because of a cast that is second to none. Don't just take my word for it. SIDENOTE: July 5th was the 25th Anniversary of Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld Master of observational humor and ostensibly one of the funniest people in the world, Jerry Seinfeld created one of the greatest sitcoms ever. Jerry's notoriously picky when it comes to the women he dates: From women are too tan to women who are too much like himself, but he's still a womanizer. In fact, 73 different partners have been seen or alluded to over the course of the series. When he's not banging women, you can catch him sarcastically commenting on his friends' quirky habits and staying pretty indifferent to what goes on in their lives, seeing their misery as mere entertainment.

Cosmo Kramer - Cosmo Kramer Simply going by "Kramer," he was the clumsy, cigar smoking, eccentric neighbor who somehow generated enough sex appeal to attract a woman almost every episode. He even turn a nun away from her religion. Kramer's life so fucking wonderful that he actually sold the rights to the story of his life to Elaine's boss in one episode. He also somehow comes into some random income stream here and there which is enough to feed him, clothe him and shelter him without requiring him to get an actual job. Had the actor Michael Richards not gone on a racist tangent during his stand up act in 2006, he would probably be the face of Dos Equis right now.

George Costanza - George Costanza Let's face it, George is neurotic and short-fused, bald and below average height, wears glasses and is referred to by Elaine Benes as "stocky", which really means "fat ass." He lives in a world he weaved of constant schemes and lies to accomplish things; however, these lies usually got him deeper in trouble — remember the "Human Fund"? He isn't necessarily religious, but appears to believe the existence of God is solely there to interact in his life in negative ways. He once said, God can't allow him to be happy. Costanza is very good at pretending to work, even taking time to catch an afternoon nap under his desk.

Elaine Benes - Elaine Benes Elaine Benes, the world’s favorite bitch, provides a feminine balance, a female introspective, and the womanly voice in her world that's full of men. Elaine not only hangs out with the guys, she’s one of the guys. Shes a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of woman. She is intelligent, funny, and, like most all other Seinfeld characters, slightly crazy. Like Jerry, a prominent quirk is Elaine’s serial dating and her narcissism in relationships. More or less, Elaine refuses to settle down, making her the most lovable slut of the 90's.


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