Day 26 & 27: Best Pilot Episode and OMG, WTF! Season Finale (Lost)

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(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes) - Lost Pilot Finale

The Pilot Episode

Some amazing shows have pretty weak pilot episodes. I wasn’t completely hooked after the first viewing of Dexter, Homeland, The Walking Dead, Parks and Recreation, or even Firefly. These pilots weren't terrible, but they took at least a couple more episodes until they bring you into the complete mosaic of the show.

But, as a whole, Lost's pilot episode was nothing short of exceptional — and extremely fucking expensive, too. The opening scene is unsurpassable. Rather than build up to the action, director/co-writer/co-creator/demi-God J.J. Abrams punches you square in the balls and drops unsuspecting viewers directly into the developing mayhem.

Starting with a close-up of Jack’s eye opening in silence, the camera gradually increases in scope to reveal the full horror of a recent devastating plane crash on a tropical beach, with bloodied survivors screaming in panic, fires blazing, and people brutally being killed within the first couple of minutes.

Before Jack can come to the rescue, a dude gets sucked into one of Oceananic Flight 815's spinning engine propellers — GETS SUCKED INTO THE FUCKING PROPELLERS! - Flight 815 Engine

Holy shit! The impact is immediately felt. By the time we get through the possibility of a dinosaur living on the island and a creepy French message on a broadcast repeater for 16 years saying, "Please someone come. The others are dead. It killed them. It killed them all." it's impossible to not eagerly anticipate what's to come. Especially since drug-addicted rocker Charlie asks, "Guys, where are we?"

The OMG, WTF! Series Finale

You probably won't find too many shows that have a brilliant pilot with a near series-crippling finale, but, Lost, you have pulled it off.

Until this post, I have been rather reticent about whether or not I liked the series finale — and I'm still not going to forthrightly say it — but you should be able to get an idea about the way the entire series (or at least the last two seasons) made me feel at the end.

Considering Lost was such a unique show, the only appropriate final episode would be as unique as a polar bear on a uninhabited Pacific island. Instead, we got a finale that sucked more ass than a Thailand whore. The hopes and dreams of millions of people who thought the show might finally get good again were in the palms of the writers' hands. I'm not even sure where to begin. - Crushed Dreams

For one, the writers did keep us coming back like an abusive relationship that you might see on Oprah, or in the apartment upstairs, depending on where you live. They beat us down every week with promises of answers and then tried apologizing with an entire episode that involved Jack's tattoo. [I wish that was a joke.]

What kills me — and all Lost fans — is the fact that the show was remarkable, innovative, and intense the first three seasons. Remember when the hatch lit up? Or a Gillette-Mach-3-needing Jack getting out of his jeep to reveal what we saw that episode was a flash-forward!? Then things went to shit. We were soon introduced to time travel, Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat, and flash-sidewayses [NOTE: I have no idea what the plural for a "flash-sideways" is]. - Shang Tsung Lost FINISH HIM!

I can't even believe I used the word flash-sideways. We spent so much time thinking they were living in an "alternate universe," [and I'm paraphrasing Doc Brown from Back to the Future, because that's the only suitable explanation] by "somehow creating a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe!" Now that would have been a fucking ending!

Instead, we found out that they all DIED. Every single one of them! And not even all together, simultaneously, in some awesome space time continuum explosion either. They had all died, at various times, throughout history, and the "alternate universe" was actually some version of purgatory they all created together. THAT JUST RAISED MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS! - Lost Cast The same faces made by a collective generation.

Of course, when it comes down to it, it’s not about whether all your questions have been answered or what exactly happened to Hurley’s CD player when the batteries died, it’s about the journey. Whether you loved the series finale or hated it, you can’t deny the show was one hell of a journey.


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