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The Numbers Don't Lie

Written by Don P on . Posted in Challenge #2

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Last week I posted a poll asking a simple question: "How often would you like to see new posts?" Thank you to the 18 of you who responded. Given the amount of people who have previously visited the site, that number was quite alarming; "Only 18 responses?" I thought. The poll was posted for two reasons. 1) To gain some insight from readers on how they would like to view my blog, and 2) To make the site more interactive and personable.

There has been a continuing debate among long-time bloggers; some suggest posting a new article every day, others say less frequent posting is better. I decided to leave this in your hands, and the outcome was "every other day" came out the winner by a pretty good margin. But what I found more interesting is the fact that I have switched to an "every other day" method of posting since the beginning of Challenge 2 and traffic numbers have plummeted (See the fun graphs above). I have a few theories as to why:

1. Yoga Is Not Relatable To Most

Everyone could relate to Challenge #1 because we all have smartphones, we all have a television, and we all have the internet. Giving those up for 30 days seemed like an impossible task for everyone, and you were more apt to reading about that subject. Only a handful of my friends participate or even care about yoga. This wasn't exactly a surprise that readership was down solely because of that fact, but wait... there's more.

2. Yoga Isn't Fun To Read About

If you think it sucks reading about yoga, try WRITING about yoga. The twists of humor I so adamantly try to add to all posts isn't easy when the subject of those jokes is brand new. If you're not an active participant in yoga, why would you WANT to read about it? Hell, if I was reading a blog that was about XBOX and all of a sudden the writer switched gears to 19th century french crocheting, I would be bored too. I get it.

3. The Main Subject Has Changed

Challenge #1 was about YOU. Many of the posts submitted during that time weren't just about what I was doing. There were book reviews, open criticisms of society, a potshot at my family, and much more. With yoga, unfortunately, I am the focus; this one is about ME. I have a feeling the best post I will produce will be after the studio session on the 28th when I can rip other people in the class for their actions. I'm looking forward to that.

Call to Action (Your Challenge)

This site is yours as much as it is mine. If something sucks or isn't funny, tell me. If something made you laugh so hard you pissed your pants, tell me. Better yet send a picture, I'll post it on here. Have suggestions for the site? Send them! What I'm trying to say is positive feedback and even criticism is welcomed just the same. I email most of you every week with a weekly update (if you're not already receiving the newsletter, sign up below using the "SUBSCRIBE" box).


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