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Reward #1 - Samsung Note 3

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5 Internet Luxuries You're Taking For Granted, Part 2: Maps

Written by Don P on . Posted in Challenge #1

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Living without the internet for a week (so far) really brings some things into perspective. This post is part 2 of a 5 post series about Internet Luxuries You're Taking for Granted. Read Part 1 - Road Signs

There must be at least one scientific peer reviewed study concluding that women get from point A to point B using only landmarks, a devilishly winning smile and perhaps a little cleavage while men navigate exclusively on compass directions and an unwavering refusal to ask for directions. Tell a woman to turn north, then east and then north again and everyone agrees she would get turned around faster than a cat in a blender. - Cat in a Blender
Weeee! Directions are fun!

But once men have "North 5 miles, west 8 miles, North 3 miles, East 1 mile," seared into our hippocampus, there's no stopping us. But those directions come from somewhere, and certainly not the hilariously entertaining Apple Maps. Just imagine how incredibly irritation navigation would be without the ability to type in your "Starting Point" and "Destination" into Google Maps, Google Earth, Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps — you get the point — and have it spit out concise, easy to read instructions.

Out of Town and Out of Luck

You see the predicament now as I'm staying out of town this weekend with nothing more than sheer wit and my wife's constant tendency to tell me to turn after we've already passed through the intersecting street. God helps us all. - Directions
This is what this trip will be reduced to.


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