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Reward #1 - Samsung Note 3

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Questions in My Head From Boredom

Written by Don P on . Posted in Challenge #1

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

These are some questions I've pondered off and on this month depending on the level of boredom experienced. See if you can answer any.

  1. If there's an exception to every rule, what's the exception to that rule?
  2. How old do you have to be for people to say you died of old age?
  3. Why do British people lose their British accent when they sing?
  4. How do you tell when you run out of invisible ink?
  5. Why does bread taste better when triangularly cut instead of just square bread?
  6. Does hand sanitizer only sanitize hands?
  7. Why is honey stored in a plastic bear instead of a plastic bee?
  8. Wouldn't it possible to be upstairs and downstairs at the same time if you had a three story house and were only on the second floor?
  9. Doesn't Halloween contradict everything parents tell their kids about "Never taking candy from strangers"?
  10. Are Jewish vampires afraid of crosses?
  11. How can you 'die laughing' if laughter is the best medicine?
  12. If someone with one arm gets their nails done, do they only have to pay half price?
  13. Why do people scream "heads up" when they really mean "duck down"?
  14. If there's a speed of sound and a speed of light is there a speed of smell?
  15. Why aren't eyebrows considered facial hair?
  16. What the hell makes fancy ketchup so fancy?
  17. Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
  18. Do Chinese people get English letters tattooed on their bodies?
  19. What would an earthquake be called on Mars?
  20. Are mattresses ever NOT on sale?


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