Quitting the Sauce (No Alcohol for 30 Days)

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So far I've made it through 24 hours! I can joke and say this is going to be the most sobering experience of my life (see what I did there), but maybe those are going to be the type of jokes necessary in order to survive the next grueling 30 days. Not only do I enjoy drinking, but also I am good at it. Good enough to get paid doing it.

I’m sure I COULD have fun without drinking, but why risk it? Well, because this is a blog about challenges and that's what I do. The drinking challenge I put upon myself at 21 year old — to drink for 365 days in a row — led to great friendships, practically indescribable fun, even more hilarious stories, and the reason I wrote the book on drinking: "From the Bottom of the Bottle."

This challenge just seems like a fitting end, considering the idea spawn the blog and everything I have completed the past 11 months. Does this mean the blog will end? You'll have to keep reading throughout the month to find out. But let's say I always bring everything full circle before a conclusion.


  • Am I allowed to drink beer? NO.
  • Am I allowed to drink wine? NO.
  • Am I allowed to drink liquor? NO.
  • Am I allowed to use vodka-soaked tampons rectally? Maybe. Okay, NO.
  • Am I allowed to absorb liquor through my eyeball? What? Who the fuck would want to do that?


  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Water, soda, milk... oh dear God, what's the point?
  • Hand sanitizers: No consumption allowed. Only used to kill Ebola.
  • Mouthwash: No consumption allowed. Only used to kill gonorrhea.

Reception So Far

Normally the majority of my friends are pretty supportive about the challenges in which I partake. And they should be since these challenges have been picked by them! But this particular month has been a mixed bag of comments, ranging from backhandedly supportive to raging lunatic of discouragement.

  • Supportive friend: "Seriously? A whole month? Wow. I'm glad you're writing about it; people love to read about other people's misery."
  • Less supportive friend: "In October? Are you insane!? With football season, Halloween, your birthday, and Florida/Georgia this month?"
  • Even less supportive friend: "This whiskey is DELICIOUS. Envious?"

... and then there is Von Steuben's response:

DonDoes30.com - Von Steuben


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