Party On, Wayne! - I'm Able to Drink Again

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The 30-day No Alcohol challenge is finally over. I'm able to drink again, starting with one of the most important days of the year (Halloween) and one of the most important games of the year for college football fans (Florida/Georgia).

But the odd thing is: I don't entirely want to. For the past 10+ years, my body has become so used to circulating alcohol that it started thinking it was one of my normal bodily fluids. It only makes sense that there would be direct correlation to how much better I feel without the alcohol coursing through my veins.

For instance, the past 30 days have been the first time in a long time I haven't woken up with a pounding headache, bloodshot eyes, or a cock drawn on my face. #Success

This in no way means I am going to embrace a clean-living lifestyle and give up alcohol forever — because fuck that! I've made good money from drinking, but ultimately when you realize your life will end with a bunch of your friends telling hilarious drinking stories at your funeral, and that's all the have to talk about, you come to a conclusion that you might want to at least "tweak" your lifestyle a tad.

The Future of Don Does 30

Many people incorrectly assume the "does 30" in the title means "Don does his 30th birth year," which would imply this whole concept comes to a screeching halt as soon as I turn 31 years old; however, it really means "Don Does 30 days," giving me free reign to continue "doing 30-day" challenges. The fun doesn't have to stop just because I turned 31 last week.

Don't worry, I can see how the math can be confusing, especially for you, ladies. For clarity sake, the site will continue for the foreseeable future without a break in the continuity of challenges.

If you missed the official Don Does 30: Radio Show last week, the future challenges will be more heavily focused on adopting a new habit rather than giving up one since those seemed to have been more challenging in and of itself. For instance, giving up alcohol was a lot easier than changing my routine to perform yoga on a daily basis for the 30 days. Therefore, picking up new habits should then be the focus.

Free Book Offer

I am giving away my book, "From the Bottom of the Bottle," to everyone for a limited time in celebration of the following:

  • My 31st Birthday
  • The 10th Anniversary of the Original Year-Long Drinking Challenge
  • The 5 Year Anniversary of the release of "From the Bottom of the Bottle"
  • And the 1 Year Anniversary of

So check out the FREE offer page, or if you're already a member of the DonDoes30 mailing list, check your email [including the SPAM folder].


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