Challenge 11: No Complaining For 30 Days

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(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes) - Stop Complaining

Do you finally want a challenge that will change your life, too? And when I say "change your life," I'm not talking about little change, but rather a huge, quantum leap-type, transformational change. The type of change you have to make in order to pull yourself out of a shit avalanche during a piss storm.

Lately, I've been noticing that I have become "even more" negative. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the blog posts on Don Does 30 are solely used to complain about something — whether they're about gluten-free foods that taste like shit, or how a trip to the yoga studio nearly killed me, or how hard Chinese is to learn, or the shitty finale to a TV show — even though they've all been constructive learning experiences.

The irony is the more time we spend complaining and whining about something, the more things we attract to whine and complain about. Often we complain that we have headache, or it's hot outside, or we don't have enough money, or a painting of two dudes being offensive, forcing an entire art show to be cancelled. - Censored Art "It's just art, bro."

But this constant complaining doesn’t really change anything. Okay, well, aside from forcing customer service representatives to bow to your wishes, it never really gets you anywhere — at all! You might feel better in the moment when you get the chance to commiserate with friends for 30-40% of all conversation (Don't believe me? keep track of how many people start conversations with you during the next 24 hours that center on a complaint or criticism).

The Challenge

Alright, I've spent the last four paragraphs complaining about complaining so here is the challenge: Remain "complaint-free" for 30 days. That’s it...

How do I know if it’s REALLY a complaint? By boiling down what is said in relation to how I and/or other people around feel when I say it. For instance, "Oh, it’s raining today." That’s just a statement of fact. However, if I look outside and stomp my foot and say "Motherfucking, goddamn rain! My plans to go toss feral cats into traffic today are ruined!" Then that's a complaint.

Whenever negative thoughts come into mind (and they will — there's no stopping them), I'll just dismiss them without giving voice, find the positive in it, and move on.


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