Stop Complaining: 16 Pictures That Will Make You Appreciate Your "Shitty Life"

Written by Don P on . Posted in Challenge #11

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A good friend of mine called Challenge 11: No Complaining for 30 Days impossible! I don't think it's impossible, but it has definitely been really hard the past few days. Of course I'm going to THINK about complaints (there's no stopping that), but this is more about not vocalizing those complaints in a non-constructive manner, and really trying to see the positives in each situation.

So far, my wife hates it. She's definitely noticed an attitude change for the positive, but believes it's coming off as fake because there's often a very thin line between sincere geniality and acting "exceedingly too positive."

Overall the strangest byproduct so far has been talking less by not allowing myself to engage in conversations with people who are notorious for "pissing and moaning" about anything and everything all day. Pretty sure we all have coworkers like that. (More on that later). We'll just have to see how the rest of the month goes.

16 Pictures That Will Make You Appreciate Your "Shitty Life"

To those constant complainers out there — ie. "My feet hurt," "I'm tired," "Germany scored against Brazil, AGAIN!?" — here are some pictures that might help:

1. Baby has to sleep next to a stuffed animal of his dad who’s stationed overseas. - Baby Doll Soldier

2. Girl reacts to the death of her best friend in the Boston Marathon. - Boston Marathon

3. Dog mourns his owner for hours by lying on his grave. - Dog on Grave

4. Friend of a killed student cries for help (Kent State University, May 4th 1970). - Kent University

5. An injured family walks away from their destroyed neighborhood and home in Moore, Oklahoma. - Family Walking Home

6. The sister of a fallen soldier collapses at his grave. - Grave Site

7. A man hugs his dog after their home is destroyed by a vicious tornado in Alabama - Dog After Tornado

8. A brave little boy is given the USA flag at his soldier father’s funeral. - Kid American Flag

9. ... While this brave little girl walks away from her grandparents' destroyed home in Oklahoma. - Girl After Storm

10. A puppy sits alone and abandoned after a village had to be evacuated when the volcano erupted. - Dog Sits in Wreckage

11. Photo from a mission trip. - Mission Kid

12. A terminally ill mother attends her daughter’s wedding via Skype. - Mom Skype Wedding

13. A river in India has become a complete wasteland from pollution. - Polluted River

14. The sister of a Sandy Hook’s teacher learns that her sister was killed. - Sandy Hook Elementary

15. Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines plead for help. - Help Us Typhoon

16. This businessman kneels at the 9/11 memorial over the loss of his son. - WTC Business Man


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