Written by Don P.

What are the parameters for the challenges?

Simple. Anything that can be completed in 30 days without putting my life, job, or clean criminal record in jeopardy. And it needs to be realistically attainable; I cannot run 100+ miles every day for 30 days. I'm willing to do just about anything for a good show, but not stupid enough to walk into a pitfall.

Do you get to pick the ones you feel like doing?

Not necessarily. The challenges that receive the most votes (Likes) or have the most posts will be the ones I will attempt. However, I do reserve the right to tweak them if needed, or scrap them altogether.

Do I win anything of monetary value if my suggestion is picked?


How are we going to know you're actually doing the challenge?

Follow my blog, follow me on twitter (@DonDoes30), friend me on Facebook, or subscribe to the newsletter. It's mostly based on the honor system, but I will be posting regularly, if not daily, which will include updates, video, pictures, etc. More or less if I fuck up, you'll know about it. I'm holding myself as much accountable to this project as you are.

How and when can I start submitting challenges?

Immediately. Go back to the Don Does 30 homepage and read the instructions at the bottom. To post comments you can login using Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL or Hotmail. If you prefer Twitter, then use #DonDoes30 in your tweet and it will automatically post to the Twitter feed on the right side of the page.

Why can't I submit my idea anonymously?

Two reasons: One, I don't want stupid shit posted. Plain and simple. Two, I'll know where the post came from if some clarifying information is needed. If, for some strange reason, you still don't want to publically post, PM me on Facebook or Twitter.

I can't think of any challenges! HELP!

Then you're a fucking idiot. Just kidding (but not really). You can research similar premises through Google, and if you don't know how to use that, check out Matt Cutts' blog, Steve Pavlina's blog (bullet list halfway down) and the 2005 TV series, "30 Days" for inspiration.


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