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Written by Don P.

Jesus and Dinosaurs - Jesus and Dinosaurs

Combining the two most dominant beings that ever walked the face of the earth — both in shear influence and pants-shitting terror — is the only way to accurately describe the mega-power that is the blog's author, Von Steuben.

The blog "Jesus and Dinosaurs" takes you through the witty, caustic and overall sarcastic mind of a man whose disdain and general hatred towards stupidity radiates through his fingertips, melting internet servers on all seven continents before ending up on your LCD screen.

Von Steuben was born when he cut his way out of his mother's uterus using a broken whiskey bottle. How he got that whiskey bottle in there in the first place is still a mystery to even Doogie Howser. In fact, it's the very reason Neil Patrick Harris is gay today.

By the way, ladies, by reading Von Steuben's name here thrice you have now been impregnated with his child. Congratulations, and may God have mercy on your womb. But that's only if Von Steuben approves of you carrying his baby to begin with. Otherwise, you'll be promptly plunged cunt first down a flight of stairs — those are just his rules.

Von Steuben's body composition is 50% cynicism, 50% hostility, and 50% whiskey. You say, "That's 150%, that's IMPOSSIBLE!" I say, "You've clearly never met Von Steuben." Take your time and read "Jesus and Dinosaurs", but just remember, every time you walk away crying, you only make Von Steuben even stronger.

Kalie's Random Projects - Kalie's Random Projects

Blissful is not a word I use often, nor are phrases like "sister from another mister," but my sister from another mister, Kalie, has started her own blog: Kalie's Random Projects.

Blunt, honest, and genuine are only a few words that describe Kalie's writing. And the best part? She's currently participating in the same 30-day challenge I am.

So go ahead and read my blog first, then immediately head over to Kalie's blog for a whole different experience on the same subject matter.

Redditor Radio - Redditor Radio

Ricky Alvarez and Karen Denis — the hosts of the now-defunct yet wildly successful podcast and blog — are at it again with Redditor Radio, a weekly podcast that reviews the week's best content found on reddit!

Rick's observational humor and animated musings about seemingly simple, everyday happenings will keep you laughing the whole way through.

His quick wit and outlandish remarks are perfectly matched with Karen's poignant insults and stinging jabs to bring you one of the best news shows the internet has to offer.

Regardless of if you're one of reddit's registered users or not, Redditor Radio will bring you the stories that matter most.


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